- Photography and graphics of all sorts in Chattanooga or abroad.



Spike Fashion welcomes potential models/ performers for the purpose of modeling  in   spikefashion.com  and other commercial applications advertisment, etc.  We will do all we can to accommodate you as a professional. Email or call us below. 

We can offer:

A. A share marketing plan direct to the public  for all models and performers in cyber space to make % residuals                             of all items sold based on their images represented in the store & any other marketing.  Call or Email to find out more   

B. Special discounts and whole sale prices on Apparel / Products for the models/ performers who work for spikefashion.com

C. Professional photography, lighting, hair, makeup  representing you instead of the non-flattering, bad lighting, rank amateur look.

D. Professional environment to present your professional media in view of the public and agents all over the world.

E. Every person that is marketing on spikefashion.com shares a piece of the business.                                                                       We all invest together in this exclusive site and market our talents together.

If you would like to work with us then email or call SpikeFashion,  to discuss the details. 

Be sure to visit www.spikemediaworld.com. A website  gateway company for                                                                                        still / video/ audio media productions, DVD's 

 Video Preview   Promo. of previous Photo. shoots .                                            

                                                                                                   PHONE: 888-295-6930